Cannon Land is an archipelago conquered by Sir Muzzle, the craziest pirate to ever sail the oceans.

Two hundred years ago, he quit sailing, landed on his island and started to build the most ingenious machines, in order to protect his treasure. Story says he went crazy and died in his treasure chamber, and his traps are still powered and running ever since. Many adventurers have tried to beat Muzzle's traps, but none have succeeded...

The boy you see here has just arrived in Cannon Land. Wielding a lame wooden sword, and wearing a pirate costume his grandma made for him, he aims to conquer Sir Muzzle's loot and become a hero.

Remember his name, for Chunkie may be the first man to reach the center of Cannon Land!

Cannon Land is an action-physics game designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices.


  • Fresh and intuitive gameplay that is easy to learn!
  • Addictive mechanics with just the right amount of challenge!
  • Charming characters and scenarios with a gorgeous art style!
  • Planned features for future updates!

We'll keep adding more details about the game here, and on our facebook page!